Thursday, April 2, 2009




In order to accomplish this look, I duplicated the orginal photo and sharpened it's color. I again duplicated the previous copy and changed the Hue/Saturation to have the photo take a black and white appearance. I merged the two copies, erased the objects that I wanted to have color.

Before: After:

In this photo, I wanted to create an emphasis on the water. To accomplish this, I used the channel mixer to play with the red, green, and blue channels. I than used the levels selection to enhance the shadows in the photo. In another duplicated layer I brightened the whites. I erased the shirt section to expose the brighter shirt.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

FACEBOOK and Nobody knows you're a dog

I'm not much of a Facebook junky; I don't even have a Facebook profile and I prefer Myspace. I didn't really care much for either, until I left for college. It came in handy; my sisters and I would hold conversations late into the night. I didn't realize the harm in having a profile until I started getting messages from some kid on campus--SCARY, I KNOW!! I brushed it off and out-of-the-blues the kid calls me--SCARY!! He says he got it from the university directory and I'm like OKAY. I checked out his profile and was blown away at the content of his page, then I ignored him. It wasn't until later I ran into the kid and for a few seconds we looked at each other with familiarity and I ran!!! This has nothing to do with Facebook, but the whole article reminded me of this instance. The whole cyber-space world scares me; from identity theft to predators.

I was also reminded that in a couple more years my son would also think it was socially suicidal to have his mom as his friend. I hope that I could teach him that family comes first, no matter the consequences and that it is a privilege to have such an awesome and RAD mom.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Readin Two- Search engines and internet tug of war

I thought the things I searched for were safe and personal; I didn't know that search engines (which I use alot) were invasive. Despite my awareness of the "crooks and crannies" in the internet, I think search engine companies shouldn't have access to and save searches done with their engines. I feel that my personal space and comfortablity with the internet has changed dramatically. I can't vow to never use them (search engines) again, I just think I'll have to be more careful with how I search and the words I use.

Reading One- Email Etiquette

I didn't realize the wrong and right ways to send emails; I figured the most detailed and summarized message was the best, but lacked or forgot the saying, "simplicity is key." I have a tendency to type whatever makes sense at the moment and don't know whether I am conveying what I am trying to say. I am all about details and WRITING BOLD to get a point across, but that's something I am finding I SHOULD REALLY work on and it is not professional. I felt the readings have shed light on the things I need to work on to present myself, via emial, in a more professional, nice and respectful manner.